Testimonial 1

"I have known Lemie almost six Years day one,I have failed in love with every hairstyle She has done.I have enjoyed Lemie's braiding techniques so much that everyone   in my household gets their braids done with Lemie.Along with I have referred all of my friends and strangers to Lemie. Keep up the good work !"
- Dana, 07/09.

Testimonial 2

"My friend Rana referred Lemie as a braider about 4 years ago.I've been coming ever Since receiving compliments from strangers in the street wanting to know who does my braids.Lemie's work is the best."
- Antoineth.

Testimonial 3

"I have been coming to Lemie for 5 years and love Her The service is just as fabulous as the overall work.I love how long the looks Last I will definitely continue to come here.
 -London Weldon 

Testimonial  4
I have been coming to Lemie since 2005.

My friend Rana introduced me to her and this was one of the best things that ever happened  to me.Lemie has a true gift.Every time she does my hair it is a true work of art.She makes it absolutely beautiful.She is a beautiful person with a beautiful gift.She is more than a hair stylist,she is an artist. Thank you for all you do.

Testimonial 5
DD as been doing my hair as well as both of my daughters' hair since we moved here the summer of 2009.I must say we have been thoroughly pleased with her services and will continue to come here.We constantly get compliments on our braids which are always neat,professional and long-lasting.Me ,my girls and my husband thank you DD!


London Weldon.